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New Windows in Clayton-le-Moors


Investing in new windows is a worthwhile long-term investment that has the potential to greatly improve both the functionality and visual appeal of your home. We have a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, so you’re sure to find something that will suit the style of your home.

Casement windows: These windows are the most frequently encountered type and are attached to one side, enabling them to swing open either towards the inside or the outside.

Sash windows: These panels are comprised of two movable sections that can be slid either vertically or horizontally. They are commonly found in period properties.

Bay windows: Bay windows extend outward from the main walls of the house, forming a cosy nook or space for seating. Typically, they consist of a sizable central window flanked by smaller windows on each side.

Tilt and turn windows: These are a dual-opening mechanism, allowing them to tilt inwards for ventilation or swing open like a door for easy cleaning.

Roof windows: These are installed on sloping roofs and provide natural light and ventilation to loft conversions or attics.

If you live in Clayton-le-Moors, and are looking to replace your outdated windows, Lancashire Double Glazing is the ideal choice for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, email, or you can complete our contact form.

New Doors


Why not upgrade your old doors to ones with first class locking systems, made from durable materials to ensure the safety of your loved ones and possessions. Enhancing security in this manner will not only provide peace of mind but also contribute to energy conservation. By inhibiting the transfer of heat, it is possible to decrease energy usage, leading to reduced monthly costs.

With an extensive selection of designs, materials, and finishes at your disposal, you have the freedom to select a door that perfectly matches the architectural style of your home while also reflecting your individual preferences. From beautiful patio doors, to high-performance composite front and rear door options, you are sure to find something you like. Over time, older doors may start to pose challenges when it comes to opening and closing, not to mention reducing security. By investing in new doors, you can experience the benefits of smooth operation and enhanced functionality. Modern doors are meticulously crafted with hinges and mechanisms, ensuring effortless and hassle-free usage.

Imagine reducing the amount of external noise you can hear. If you live on a busy road in Clayton-le-Moors, or have the hustle and bustle of heavy footfall, by fitting new soundproof doors, you can convert your house into a peaceful sanctuary. To upgrade your doors with Lancashire Double Glazing, just give us a call, send us an email, or complete our contact form.

Beautiful Conservatories in Clayton-le-Moors


If you are in need of extra space in your current home, a conservatory offers many possibilities, including increasing the value of your property. It also increases the amount of natural light and ventilation in your home. There is a wide range of designs and styles available, allowing you to select a conservatory that perfectly complements your home while meeting your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you need the extra space for a dining area, a relaxed area to read or study, a conservatory provides a flexible and adaptable space that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Conservatories allow you to enjoy the beauty of your garden while being sheltered from the elements. With large windows, conservatories provide a panoramic view, creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. This connection with nature can have a positive impact on your mental well-being.

Adding a conservatory can significantly increase your home’s value should you later decide to sell. A well-designed conservatory can make your home more appealing to prospective buyers and potentially lead to a higher selling price.

If you are looking for an affordable conservatory in the Clayton-le-Moors area, please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone, email, or by filling out our contact form.

Warm Roof


The innovative warm roof system improves the energy efficiency and comfort of conservatories, whether you’re building a new conservatory, or want the underperforming roof of your current one replaced. By integrating insulation into the roof structure, this solution turns conservatories into adaptable spaces that can be enjoyed all year round, regardless of the external weather conditions! Here’s what a warm roof offers:

Enhanced Thermal Comfort: The insulated roof aids in reducing heat loss, leading to a pleasant and snug indoor environment. This improved thermal comfort allows the conservatory to serve as an extra living space all year round, regardless of the weather outside.

Energy Efficiency: Warm roofs make a significant difference in reducing the transfer of heat, which ultimately leads to lower energy usage for both heating and cooling. As a result, this leads to cost savings on energy bills, while ensuring a consistently comfortable temperature inside the conservatory.

Minimised Condensation: Effective management of moisture build-up is paramount for warm roofs, as it helps to prevent problems like dripping and the chance of mould. By doing so, it promotes a healthier and more pleasant indoor environment.

Year-Round Functionality: Warm roofs play a vital role in achieving this, as they contribute to creating a healthier and more comfortable indoor atmosphere.

If you are looking to fit a new Warm Roof in the Clayton-le-Moors area, simply call us, email us or fill in our Contact Form.

Home Extensions in Clayton-le-Moors


Lancashire Double Glazing possesses extensive expertise in creating bespoke home extensions that are specifically designed to align with your individual vision and requirements. Whether you need additional living space or a dedicated area for remote work, our intricately designed extensions are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing property, increasing both its value and functionality.

Opting to expand your residence provides numerous benefits that make it an enticing choice for homeowners. Primarily, an extension grants you the opportunity to tailor your living areas to meet your precise needs, whether that entails enlarging your kitchen or adding extra bedrooms. This degree of personalisation empowers you to improve your living environment without the inconvenience of up-rooting somewhere else.

Planning an extension for your home is an excellent strategy to increase your living space, enhance the value of your property, and avoid additional expenses such as stamp duty and legal fees. Moreover, you can steer clear of the hassles associated with moving to a new house and the logistical challenges that come with it.

If you are searching for an affordable home extension of excellent quality in the Clayton-le-Moors area, please contact us by phone, email, or by completing our contact form.

Stunning Orangeries in Clayton-le-Moors


Lancashire Double Glazing presents an orangery that provides a versatile living space, perfect for creating a tranquil retreat, hosting social gatherings, or simply unwinding. With its expansive windows and glass roof, the orangery allows natural light to flood in, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

With an orangery, you can effortlessly blend your indoor and outdoor space, enabling you to enjoy the views of your garden, while staying protected from the elements. An orangery brings a hint of sophistication to your home, potentially increasing its value and attractiveness to potential buyers. Every custom design every orangery we build. We are dedicated to working closely with you every step of the way to bring your dream orangery to life, starting from the initial design phase all the way through our cutting-edge in-house manufacturing, installation, and ongoing after-build support.

If you are looking for a new, high quality and affordable Orangery in the Clayton-le-Moors area, simply call us, email us or fill in our contact form.



We provide a range of entrance porches designed to improve the appearance of your home’s entrance and enhance security. Whether you want to create a beautiful welcome area, or simply need space to put coats and shoes, our porches are customised to meet your specific needs and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. Incorporating a porch into your home offers numerous advantages. It adds to the first impression of your house, improving its overall kerb appeal.

It also provides an extra layer of security, by creating a barrier between inside and out, helping to deter unauthorised access.

A porch offers a convenient space for storing packages and muddy boots, keeping your home organised and clutter-free.

If you are looking to install a new porch on your home, in the Clayton-le-Moors area, simply call us, email us or fill in our contact corm.

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