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kitchen with natural light

Natural Light In Your Home Benefits

With an increasing amount of time indoors during colder months, many customers start to think about the amount of natural light in their homes. Natural light at home undoubtedly benefits both health and happiness. So, what natural light boosts your well-being?Read more

man maintaining upvc windows

How do I maintain my uPVC windows?

We like questions about how to maintain uPVC windows. Some people think that uPVC windows don’t require any maintenance at all! UPVC is low maintenance, but uPVC windows have moving parts that need occasional lubrication. They also pick up airborne dirt, debris and sticky spider webs – just like anything kept outside. Therefore, wiping with a damp cloth in and around the frames is essential to keep them opening smoothly.

Standard white double-glazed windows may look like any other plastic. But, energy-efficient uPVC windows are manufactured in a highly sophisticated process – from design to completion -and feature massive technological innovations. The great advantage of uPVC is that you can keep your windows looking great for years with a bit of time and without the need for expensive chemicals or paints.

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details of upvc windows

All You Need To Know About Upvc Windows

If you are thinking about improving the windows in your home or business, then here is all you need to know about UPVC Windows. So, what is UPVC? uPVC stands for unplastic polyvinyl chloride. It is a rigid PVC material that isn’t flexible. Rigid PVC is manufactured into pipework, ducting , facias, soffits, as well as window frames and other items.

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nice work from home space

Creating The Best Work From Home Space

Creating the best work-from-home space is far from a passing trend. Working from home WFH, to use its abbreviation, is now the new normal for many companies and their employees. Balancing productivity and Government guidelines on employee safety isn’t easy. Here are some suggestions to help you solve issues that you may encounter. Find your happy place and most effective WFH home space.

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house with new improvements

Home Improvements To Add Instant Value

Do you want home improvements to add instant value before selling your home? Some renovations can help improve a house’s condition and enhance home valuations.

Interior designers and estate agents agree that simple improvements – like painting – can go a long way to increasing its value.

Below are some other changes that can enhance a property’s value when buyers are interested in purchasing a home that needs minimal changes.

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Double Glazed Windows Lancashire

Double Glazing – New vs Old

Does your home have double glazed windows? Great! There are so many benefits for warmth and comfort. However, how do you know whether your double glazing is as efficient as possible?

When were your double glazed windows installed? New vs old – or perhaps more recent vs older – usually determines whether you are gaining the maximum benefit from your windows. Are you as comfortable as you could be? Are your heating bills and energy costs the lowest possible?

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Garden Rooms Lancashire
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A Guide to Building an Outdoor Office

Building an outdoor office can cause lots of questions. Where is the best corner in the garden for your garden office? Are you allowed to use your garden structure room for anything other than a garden office? Does the outdoor office building need planning permission? Here is a handy guide to answer some of your questions so that you can press ahead with your garden office plans.

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