Veronica McKnight

I know that some of this is not relevant to you, but I have just posted the following on my FB page
“Today we left our house with some trepidation after a recent disaster with a local builder (from Colne), leaving two workment from Lancashire Double Glazing to replace two windows and install French windows.
Our earlier disaster was leaving the house empty for 2 weeks in order to have work done as a result of a couple of leaks in the summer – we were assured by above builder that all would be done by the time we got back and not to worry. All I will say here is that, the work wasn’t done, the house was full of dust, paint splashes over furniture and floors and that which had been was done to a very poor standard which meant another 4 days to put things “right”. In the end we just paid but as a consequence of the shoddy workmanship have had to buy a new dishwasher (the fully working one not plumbed back in properly causing it to burn out – our washer went up in smoke too but not sure who to blame for that……!).
The choice today was to sit a freezing cold house and watch the workmen like hawks or go out and leave them to it. We had previously had LDG fit a new front door and were very pleased with it, so we hoped that all would go well. We left home at 10.05am and came back at 2.30 pm, to a spotless house and fabulous windows! Now that’s what I call professional workmanship. Within half an hour of finishing we had a visit from an LDG employee (can’t remember his exact title, but he was called Glenn!) to check the work and to see if we were satisfied.
We are delighted with the job -they have been quick, efficient, clean and extremely customer friendly (anyone getting the sub-text here?!!) and would certainly recommend this company to anyone needing double glazing.”
Many thanks for a brilliant job.