Duncan and Carole Turner

28th November 2017

The Managing Director at Lancashire Double Glazing

Dear Sir

On 14th November we arrived home after a weekend away and found that we had been burgled.  Entry to the house being achieved by smashing our double glazed, patio doors.

My immediate thought, having established what had been stolen, was to secure the house.  Apart from temporarily boarding up the gap I wanted to renew the patio doors as soon as possible.  I Phoned the original installers of the patio doors in 1984, Everest, and to say that they were not the slightest bit interested in supplying a new fitting they were even rude about it.  I quickly put down the phone and decided to seek a local supplier.

I Knew that your company was established in Preston so at 12:45 I telephoned to seek a replacement.  I explained why and the telephonist immediately offered sympathy and whats more understanding of what I needed.  I was transferred to another lady and she also showed sympathy and understanding.  In a very short time she was able to tell me that a sales representative would be able to call at 14:00.  She also added that, with luck, I may be able to get delivery in about two weeks.  I was amazed and of course very pleased that i had contact a company with ‘real’ people involved.

At 2pm Chris Gabbott arrived and i was able to show him our problem and he too had the right attitude and having measured up gave me a price which was acceptable and said that he would request a swift production.  He told me the surveyor would be round the following day and he too, so my wife tells me, was just as helpful and sympathetic as everyone else.

You can understand my dismay when on the Friday I received a call asking me if I was going to be in on 3rd January to accept the fitting of my patio doors.  I explained that the order was placed due to the fact that the order would be rushed through and that it would take about a fortnight.  That problem was quickly resolved and I received a call from Chris Gabbott to assure me all was in hand.

We then received a phone call to say the fitting would take place on 28th November, today.  That took place and was fitted by two pleasant men, Mark being the lead fitter.  we are very, very satisfied with the whole job.

That’s what I call service so may I congratulate you on the excellence of the way your staff approached their work and rest assured I will tell everyone I know what a splendid company is Lancashire Double Glazing.

May we thank you very much indeed for a job well done.

Yours Faithfully.

Duncan Turner 221820.