Claire Ratcliffe-Wilson

From: Claire Ratcliffe-Wilson

Date: 13 July 2018 at 19:46:21 BST

To: Carly Forsyth

Subject: Re: Ratcliffe-Wilson

Hi Carly,

Thanks so much, we love our new front and are really thankful to Bill and the tradesmen that came to do the works….they’ve done an amazing job and now our neighbour’s are wanting the same! we’ve plans for the back of the house and so once we’ve saved up again will be in touch to get a quote.

There was just a little thing that I mentioned to the guy that came to visit last about the catch on the bottom of the blind rail, its come off and think it must be faulty? We are away now for two weeks and so I’d be ever so grateful if you could arrange that to be sorted once we are back.

I’ve paid our bill in full and so look forward to receiving the guarantees etc.

Thanks so much again for your help.

Warmest wishes.