Bill Forsyth, took part in Redbull Romaniacs Competition

LDG Group Ltd MD and Founder took part in Worlds Toughest Enduro race

MD and Founder LDG Group Ltd., Bill Forsyth, took part in Redbull Romaniacs Competition, known the Worlds Toughest Enduro race where the Amateurs race with the Professional. 52 nations entered the race in Romania and Bill completed it in one piece other than footrest injury from one of the many crashes and ended up with 10 stitches and a badly bruised body

Day 1 was the Prologue, the riders have to ride over Twelve artificial obstacles that are dotted along the main street of Sibiu and they all go head-to-head in a series of qualifying races that determine the starting order for the first day of mountain racing.

Then it was 4 days of offroad action that were a true test of skill and endurance and require fierce determination to overcome exhaustion and the impossible mountains. at dawn each day, competitors ride deep into mountainous terrain, scaling isolated peaks and navigating vast expanses of single-track forest and rocky riverbeds. Keeping both machine and body going for up to eight hours a day is key to success and a compulsory 20 min food break.
Will he do it again next year. . . .