Double Glazed Windows Lancashire

Double Glazing – New vs Old

Does your home have double glazed windows? Great! There are so many benefits for warmth and comfort. However, how do you know whether your double glazing is as efficient as possible?

When were your double glazed windows installed? New vs old – or perhaps more recent vs older – usually determines whether you are gaining the maximum benefit from your windows. Are you as comfortable as you could be? Are your heating bills and energy costs the lowest possible?

Is it a Good Idea to Upgrade?

As well as looking beautiful, new window designs can significantly improve comfort in your home for you, your family and your visitors. If windows allow drafts and cold air to circulate in your house, then the time has arrived to plan to upgrade.

If an average house loses 10% of heat through doors and windows, then that is a lot of wasted energy and money out of your bank account in heating bills. And if your double glazing is old and needs updating, chances are you are losing more than 10%! Please take a look at this check-list of signs that it is time to update your existing windows.

Water Leaks Around your Windows.

If you suspect water might be leaking around your window frame, a weather seal may have failed. Or perhaps, the window frame drainage may be at fault.

Panes Misted with Condensation.

Do you have windows that mist? It’s noticeable on a warm summer day. Even if it’s a dry day, you can’t see a clear view through your windows. The condensation on your windows look unappealing and indicate leaks between the panes of glass that form the unit. When the double glazed unit mists, the broken seal releases the gas cavity between the window panes. To save energy and improve the view, you will need replacement double glazed units.

Window Glass Damaged or Chipped.

We see adverts on the television advising us not to drive a car with a cracked windscreen. In a similar scenario, we shouldn’t accept a broken pane of glass at home. It is time to replace window panes and double glazed units if you see damaged or chipped glass.

The lifespan of Double Glazing

The average lifespan of double glazing alters between 10 years to 35 years, dependent on the prevailing winds, weather conditions, temperature changes, quality of the window fit, the manufacturing materials, and the skill of the craftsmanship.

New double glazed windows fitting can be expensive. Although we know that there are long-term savings that you will see through energy efficiency, the reductions in heating bills could take many years before they start to pay for themselves.

Improved comfort, saving on bills, clear from condensation, added security could all boost both the aesthetics of your property, your comfort and the appeal to potential buyers. Fitting new double glazed windows are a great option to consider.

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