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Creating The Best Work From Home Space

Creating the best work-from-home space is far from a passing trend. Working from home WFH, to use its abbreviation, is now the new normal for many companies and their employees. Balancing productivity and Government guidelines on employee safety isn’t easy. Here are some suggestions to help you solve issues that you may encounter. Find your happy place and most effective WFH home space.

Some Benefits of Working from Home

Working from home can have many benefits. Finding your best work / life balance might include more time for exercise, finding time for the school drop-off and pick-up, or perhaps some additional head space by having the time to take the dog for a walk. If your business allows flexible working, you can set your schedule. But working from home has its challenges. Defining clear boundaries between business and personal space is a great starting point.

A Separate Room Space

A separate space for an office is the ideal solution. However, sometimes that all-important workspace has to fit within your lounge, bedroom or kitchen. You may want to retain the same look rather than adding modern office furniture. You can divide and define space by adding furniture in different ways. Perhaps choose a quality wooden bookcase that looks great from all angles. Turn it sideways to help give the desired room separation to add balance between form and function.

Adapt a Spare Bedroom

If you have the luxury of a guest bedroom, create an office area discreetly built into another item of furniture. Perhaps a vanity unit or a wardrobe conversion. You can avoid making your guest room look too office-like and have the perfect storage for everything at the end of your working day.

Work Space in your Kitchen

Workspace in the kitchen needn’t be a problem if you can work during specific time slots when the kitchen is less busy. However, there might be family interruptions, particularly during school holidays. It is important to let family members know that you are working. A ‘do not disturb sign on your worktop surface or table can help. Stick on a set of headphones to reduce external noise and help you focus on your tasks.

New Kitchen Designs

New clever kitchen designs are crucial to meet your changing workspace needs. There are practical solutions for sleek, minimal kitchen designs, innovative storage, task lighting, and additional power sockets and USB ports to cope with your gadgets. If you are planning a new kitchen, ask for professional advice.

Home-office Extension

Do you have some garden space and plan to work from home for the foreseeable future? Investing in a home-office extension may be cost-effective and practical if you need more home space and workspace. A custom-designed home extension has lots of benefits.

Owning a property does not preclude you from designing a modern extension. Planning permission may be granted more quickly if the extension is designed to enhance and contrast the existing property.

A home-office extension is very adaptable. Your extension can – in the future – become a ground floor bedroom, dining room, home gym or sunroom.

A home extension is almost guaranteed to add to your property value.

Please contact us if you are wondering about the best home-office extension for your future. We have a team with a successful track record in the building trade. Custom-designed extensions require a passion for perfect properties and the knowledge needed to help secure the necessary planning permission.