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Create a Multifunctional Space Within Your Garden Room

Have you added an external structure to your garden? Can it become a multifunctional space in your garden room? Many people are spending a lot more time at home. It looks like home leisure is something we all need to think about in winter time. If you want to turn space into a multifunctional room, here are some tips.

Leisure and work

External structures are often expensive to build. So finding a use for it throughout the day makes sense. As an office, the outside space will a good Wifi signal. A supportive office chair that can double as a recliner for relaxation time is a bonus. A coffee table with a tabletop laptop stand can make a perfect desk space. And what about the things you might like for the office break times. Kettle, bar, drinks and more.

Digital and Retro Games.

Have a large screen attached to your laptop? Pick your preferred games console and hook it up. Take a zoom call or chat on Skype for a couple of hours. They relieve stress and give yourself some time away from work issues while you play your favourite game.

Table Games

Although table tennis is great exercise, the table for two can be too big. But push it to one side of the garden room, halve the space requirement and enjoy a tabletop game akin to squash as you play against the wall. When the weather improves, you’ve got the option to enjoy the activity outside with the family. Choose a fold away table for ease of storage.

Football anyone?

Ok, an actual football game isn’t an option, but table football is a trusty favourite. A simple game, with few rules and little skill, is required. Enjoy a more casual meeting during the day or bring the family in to play after the workday—more hours in your multifunctional space. Give yourself opportunities to walk up and down the garden and a chance for some fresh air between kitchen and games time.

Did your local pub ever have a Jukebox?

The modern jukebox is a lovely ornamental piece for your garden room —a multifunctional unit to use during work and playtime. When working from home, you might want to listen to podcasts as well as your collection of vinyl albums from yesteryear. Jukebox CD and vinyl options are available. Plan your strategy, type the reports, organise your documents, and fill in your tax returns while listening to your favourite tracks.

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