insulated conservatory roof

Cost & Benefits of Conservatory Roof Insulation

A new conservatory gives you the incredible benefit of extra room for whatever you want. However, to use your conservatory year-round, you will need effective conservatory roof insulation. Explore the cost & benefits of conservatory roof insulation to find the best way to insulate your conservatory roof. We also look at the possible replacement conservatory roof options.

Ways to Insulate a Conservatory Roof

There are materials available that have improved conservatory roofs across the country. If your conservatory roof materials no longer offer the right environment, installing new materials can help. Also, consider how well the walls and window glazing offer insulation. There are many insulation options. Read on to explore everything you need to know about making a conservatory warmer. Saving on energy bills is the ultimate goal. And a bonus! You will be able to enjoy your conservatory more throughout the year.

Existing Conservatory Roof Materials

When conservatory roofs had to be at least 75% transparent (due to regulations) installers fitted either polycarbonate with glazing bars or glazed roof panels. A glazed roof on a conservatory is not the best insulated conservatory roof choice! If you’re struggling with the high temperatures of your existing conservatory, it could be due to the building regulations in place during your conservatory installation.

Polycarbonate panels and glazing bars cause significant issues with the heating bills. When the UK weather allows moderate sunshine to heat the conservatory naturally, polycarbonate panels are not all bad. But optimum weather conditions are rare, and a polycarbonate panelled roof can be icy in the wintertime, hence the likelihood of high heating bills.

Insulated Aluminium Panels

Conservatory roof insulation is the top way to reduce heat loss. Your conservatory will be cold if your conservatory roof panels are incapable of stopping heat loss. Insulated aluminium panels are a fantastic alternative for your conservatory roof. Aluminium panels filled with a good layer of dense foam will ultimately make your conservatory warmer by retaining more of your indoor heating. Suppose you already have over 75% transparent conservatory roof material, and you want your conservatory to match your indoor heating temperature year-round. In that case, insulated aluminium panels are probably the best way to protect your conservatory.

UPVC Conservatory Roof

UPVC is a versatile material commonly used to make window frames, modern doors and an excellent UPVC conservatory roof. UPVC makes for great roof solutions; it blocks out rain noise and noise from surrounding areas, and due to the nature of UPVC, it’s an incredibly affordable conservatory roof to install. As UPVC isn’t transparent, it will block out UV rays. An insulated UPVC roof also retains more heat from inside your conservatory.

Plaster Ceiling Conservatory Finish

Lots of people have problems with their existing conservatory roof. Many choose to solve the problem and convert the existing conservatory into a part of your home with roof insulation and the addition of a plaster ceiling conservatory finish. A plaster finish reduces the roof space’s height, but most people find that they are happy with the compromise. As well as practical, a plaster ceiling adds a touch of luxury to the look of the conservatory. A roofer can insulate your conservatory roof with standard roof insulation materials before plastering, or you can choose a replacement conservatory roof.

Modern Glass Roof

A modern glass roof on your conservatory with fully functioning double glazing does help to insulate your conservatory. The two double-glazed glass panel air pockets generate an insulation barrier. Double glazing stops warm air from escaping, allowing it to build up in the room. The addition of window film reduces glare and harmful UV rays, which is a great safety addition. Usually an easy project, it is a popular choice to keep costs low.

Cost of Conservatory Roof Insulation

Some simple modern conservatory roof insulation can make a world of difference to your home! As a guide, we recommend you get a few quotes for the alternatives that appeal to you. Prices range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds and vary by the installer. The cost does put some customers off conservatory insulation work, but try to determine how the investment might pay for itself in reduced energy bills. Also, think about the ability to use all your space effectively rather than paying for the cost of moving.


Conservatory roof insulation is essential for year-round use of the space if the room is too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Make your conservatory a space to relax and unwind.

If cold temperatures in your conservatory meet with warm air from your home, you will likely have condensation problems that can create costly repair bills. The best modern conservatories have ample ventilation and focus on the roof first, to remove any danger of mould and damp issues.

Enlist a Lancashire Double Glazing conservatory fitter to help you enjoy the tranquillity and peace of the space in a room that is both comfortable to live in and practical in energy costs and health. Conservatory roofs are usually the best solution for preventing heat loss, but as a roof is also quite costly, it is a big decision. Still, the benefits of investing in your conservatory roof can’t be understated. It’s a low price to be able to enjoy your conservatory year-round. Contact us today from a no obligation quote.