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Considered Anthracite Grey Windows & Doors?

Anthracite Grey Windows & Doors are becoming a popular feature in homes nationwide. For homeowners who want to improve their property, it’s an attractive choice. Anthracite Grey breaks away from the traditional white, black & brown decisions of the past, to set a property apart. Anthracite grey windows and doors send a positive signal to home buyers. It offers that all-important curb appeal. Have you considered Anthracite Grey Windows & Doors as an option to help perhaps you sell your home?

Anthracite Grey – the colour

Naming Anthracite Grey after coal with a dark grey appearance, Anthracite Grey – the colour – was inspired by the coal fuel’s energy properties. The contemporary grey colour complements modern new design styles. It softens the appearance of structures when paired with contrasting colours of black and white.

Anthracite grey colour elements – doors, windows, fascias, finishes – offer a stylish appearance to your home, whether traditional or modern in design. Anthracite grey uPVC products perfect the aluminium style look and feel, so popular with many householders and commercial builders alike. Newer properties with Anthracite Grey features will stand out for all the right reasons. On traditional properties, it gives a minimalistic look. Modern properties stand out as up-to-date and stylish.

Anthracite Grey is a natural choice.

Anthracite Grey is a natural choice for windows, doors and finishes. This particular grey colour offers the perfect complement to raw stone or reclaimed stone building materials. If you want your property to look good on the outside, then it is an ideal choice. Take a look at the style of windows and door you prefer for your property, whether traditional or urban chic. Anthracite Grey window creates a natural blend of both conventional building material and colour. In an urban setting, the colour is striking and unmistakable. Anthracite grey is a subtle colour that fits in with any surroundings. It’s not too bright or overpowering.

Designed for Low Maintenance

Designed for low maintenance, Anthracite grey as a colour is forgiving. Unlike white windows and doors, when Anthracite grey is dirty, it isn’t apparent. Frames that only need occasional cleaning are ideal. A quick wipe down will suffice for a much more extended time. Are you home exposed to steady wind and rainstorms? Anthracite grey products retain their quality and disguise chips for longer than windows, doors and finishes in other colours.

Property Value Benefits

There are property value benefits to investing in anthracite grey windows and doors. The colour has become such an attractive feature, that some home buyers will ask their estate agents for houses modernised with grey windows and doors. Even if you are not selling your home, it is always nice to know you might be in a strong position to command a high price.

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